Great Questions!
Over the years, Great Coasters has received many letters and emails from people wanting to know more. We have assembled a list of the best questions we have come across in hopes of educating those interested in our company.

If I am interested in working for Great Coasters, how can I obtain some more information?
Check out our Jobs Page here!

What should I study in school if I want to design roller coasters?
The best degrees to pursue would be either Civil or Mechanical Engineering.

How long does it take to build a roller coaster?
Our rides can typically be designed and built within a 10-month period, but often take longer due to permitting and other such procedures.

What kind of wood is used to construct your roller coasters?
We primarily use Southern Yellow Pine harvested from renewable forests.

I noticed that some of the photos on your website have been taken by friends of Great Coasters; how can my photo be included?
We continue to accept new photos for our website and other marketing materials using our Photo Submission page.
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