Busch Gardens Africa, Tampa Bay, FL
Busch Entertainment Corporation
Height:105.4 ft32.1 m
Drop:91.8 ft28.0 m
Top Speed:51.0 mph82.1 km/h
Length:3,508 ft1,069 m

This is a twin-track design.
All statistics apply to each track.

Featuring four Millennium Flyer trains
DescriptionGwazi was Great Coasters' first twin-track coaster, with the two trains dueling for the entire ride. Designed specifically for the two trains to head straight at each other several times, Gwazi provides a unique thrill for riders!

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PhotosAerial shot of GwaziGwazi's station with the Lion side lift hill [Credit: Ian Booth]Gwazi nearing the end of the ride [Credit: Ian Booth]Gwazi at sunset [Credit: Jezico Rivera]Gwazi's twisted structure seen from a distance [Credit: Fred P.]Photo of Gwazi by Jake Garbelotti

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